The class atmosphere is friendly and fun, and not at all tense.   We develop our skills at a good pace, so people don't struggle.   I love going to dancing because I find it fun and energetic.   Everyone there is friendly, and it is easy to just ask someone if you need help with a step or movement.

Mei Lin         age 15

I enjoy everything and love being in the display.

Chloe Price

i have learned new skills and my favourite class is tap.   I like keeping fit, learning to dance and getting my certificates and medals, it has also given me confidence.

Niamh   age 7

I enjoy ballet the most.   It's fun and I have lots of freinds.   I think it keeps me healthy and gives me confidence.

  Emma   age 6

Adult class      

I started the adult tap class as a complete beginner and have gained Bronze and Silver medals.   I have also learned Club Latino.   I enjoy learning the dances. We also have a laugh and it is fun and very light-hearted. It also helps me keep fit.  

I have made a lot of friends and some of my friends have also joined the class which means that I see more of them than I would otherwise.   I really enjoy coming to the adult class.   It is the only time I have to myself during the week and I hate having to miss it.

Lesley Age 21 + VAT

WHAT HAVE YOU LEARNED WHILST ATTENDING: Tap, Modern, Ballet and Majorettes.   Passing my exams to the highest level and receiving medals and certificates from BATD.   All of which have been stored away carefully. To anyone else these are just pieces of paper and metal but to me they are priceless. Dancing aside it also taught me to value that my mum and grandparents worked hard to pay for myself to have the privilege of attending dance class as some of my friends could not.

  WHAT DO   YOU ENJOY THE MOST:   For me it was a mixture of receiving medals and certificates after my exams.   Working and practicing for 6 months of the year and to get top grades is the best feeling.   However the display is where you get to show your family and friends how much you have improved.   Getting your stage make up on, the costumes you have spent so much time making sure they were just right, performing with your class mates.   It all made you bond together as a team.   Ok sometimes girls will be girls. But on show night we all come together to do our very best, not only for as I mentioned your family/friends/team but your teacher.

  WHY DID YOU CHOOSE THIS DANCE CLASS:   My mum choose the class for me as it was local and came with a great reputation.   Dancing can be expensive but the prices with Gillian were very reasonable.   Hence why I was able to attend 4 classes.   When we were to buy new shoes or leotards Gillian always sourced the best priced shops for us or ordered direct.

  WHY SHOULD OTHERS CHOOSE THIS SCHOOL:   It has been over 23 years since I started with Gillian and I was always given the correct amount of encouragement and help I needed.   If I messed up a dance or could not learn a step correctly I never felt I was going to get into trouble. I knew Gillian would be there to support and offer words to make me feel better. Dancing should be enjoyable and thatís what you get here.   Excellent teaching, quality routines and the opportunity to shine.

WHAT BENEFITS HAVE YOU RECEIVED FROM ATTENDING : From an early age at primary school I was bullied daily and made to feel pretty worthless and not having the most stable homelife either.   However when I started to dance all my worries of what happened that day and what was going to happen to me tomorrow just vanished.   For 2 to 3 hours during the week and on Saturday mornings I could really be myself. I felt as if I belonged to something good and cherished my time there. Im not sure how I would of coped without it.   It gave me confidence to stand up on stage and dance my heart out, making me feel alive.

  ANY OTHER BENEFITS:   I have gained patience when helping others and that has stayed with me into my working life.   I have great posture and know how to look after my body.   Having a good sense of rhythm helps with loads of other things as well : aerobics classes, dancing at parties and teaching your husband the first dance at your wedding.   But above all it gave me confidence to be me.

  INDIVIDUAL TESTIMONIAL:   Thank you for great 23 years of dancing.   Gillian, not only have you been a fabulous teacher but   are a most trusted friend.    

  AGE: Top secret   FIRST NAME: Karen


  Comments on Dance Display

Having attended your recent dancing display, I felt I must pass on my comments.   The content was fabulous, so well organized.   My favorite was the combination of the different ballets, just breathe taking.     Thank you for the experience.    

  Member of the audience


"Please pass on to the teacher that I have recently spent £40 to see "The Phantom of the Opera", I only paid £6 for a ticket to this show and the "Phantom of the Opera" Dance took my breath away...it was spellbinding."          

Member of the audience

"The best show ever!"                                       Pupil's dad

"This proves Paisley has talent!"                     pupil's gran


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