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I had to put into words my thanks for the Indian head massage you gave me.  Over the years I have quite a few massages in beautians, however this was a totally different experience and very much in a different league!  I will have no hesitation in recommending you to others and encouraging people to make an appointment with you.
Thank you very much.



Karen Lyon.


 "I am recovering after surgery for cancer and having tried all the remedies I know of, and failing  to improve,   I have found that the Reiki treatments I have been receiving have made a remarkable difference to my mobility and presence of mind.  I would  recommend it to everyone.                   
      June, Paisley           

To anyone who is looking for a class that is different from the usual I would reccommend Gillian's Qigong.  I joined Gillian's Qigong class two years ago and the welcome and friendliness was lovely, so you don't need anyone to go with you.  It is hard to put into words how Qigong works but it does.  My own experience happened this year when I had  heart attack in April and had to have a triple by pass.  It was hard going but I used the breathing techniques Gillian had taught us to do and I remained stress free.  I am now back at my class and doing great.  May, Elderslie Class


"Enter Gillian's home for treatments or training, and you will immediately understand why Divine Balance is a perfect website name.  It sums up an ethos that is tangible and perfectly describes how you feel when you leave - divinely balanced!"        
N.S.   Renfrewshire



“the anger is gone, I can’t find it again” (teenager)

 After EFT therapy session



*  "The Meditation Groups are a space to take a step back from the world; from life and all it throws at us, and to consider the spiritual sides of the universe.  These have done for me what church services stopped doing for me years ago - I come home with hope and peace and calm in my soul."          N.S.  Renfrewshire




            "I have found Gillian and her treatments to be a great help with physical and emotional issues. She deals with body and soul and leaves me feeling healthier and calmer. "    AM Paisley



      *     "Forget pills and potions: this is a superb natural healing therapy administered by Gillian in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. "     Helen. Elderslie





“I couldn’t believe how quickly it worked” (after EFT session)   Mrs L Graham, Paisley


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