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Holistic Health and Wellbeing

I first became seriously interested in Holistic Health and Wellbeing around 2002. Since then I have become a qualified practitioner in several different forms of Natural and Complementary Therapies and Qigong.

I am a Reiki Master and Teacher, Indian Head Massage Practitioner as well as an Advanced EFT (Emotional Therapy Technique) Practitioner,   and several other therapies, all designed to be relaxing and healing which also contribute to reducing stress, depression, insomnia and chronic pain in a safe and natural way. I also run Meditation and Healing classes, beginner and intermediate level. 

 The therapies are non invasive and can complement existing allopathic treatments and carry no side effects and help boost the immune system and stimulate the healing process within 
the body. 

Shibashi Qigong is a form of Tai Chi which has many proven health benefits, including lowering blood pressure, calming the central nervous system, improving balance, boosting the immune system, strengthening the internal organs and much more. The movements are easy to perform and learn. 

NEW for 2018
Divine Balance - Qigong with a Twist

This is a New and Unique Mind, Body Soul Workout Class, combining dance and movement to fun and inspirational music.  The class begins with easy basic dance steps designed to move Qi (Life Force Energy) around the body.  Benefits include increasing your feel-good endorphins and feeling of wellbeing as well as relieving stress, increasing oxygen in the body and giving you a natural energy boost!
The second part of the class is traditional Qigong whose easy, gentle flowing movements have many benefits including boosting your immune system, regulating blood pressure, improving digestion, promoting a restful nights sleep and much much more!
The final part of the class is a guided relaxation meditation.

For more information on the Meditation and Healing classes classes, to book an appointment for a Therapy Session/ Indian Head Massage or find out more about the Qigong classes or  Divine Balance Qigong With a Twist Class  please e mail me using the contact me link or phone 0141 387 2839 for more information and prices/fees.




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