Welcome to the Divine Balance website!  Here you will find information and resources on my great passions in life; Tai Chi Qigong, Dance, Complimentary Therapies and Meditation Techniques. Although my daughter Rachael has taken over the Dance School there is still some info here or you can go to Facebook - Gillian Easdale School of Dance for up to date info.


DSC02343The Dance pages have info on our teachers, qualifications, classes and 2017/18 prospectus. 

You can also look at the    photo album and see 
some of our recent show photos. 


The Holistic Health pages have details of my  qualifications as well as information on the therapies and classes available including the Tai chi / Qigong classes and their benefits and the Healing and Meditation classes.

 Our classes are all in the Paisley/Renfrewshire area and to contact me you can use the contact me link or phone 0141 387 2839  Dance enquiries can also go to facebook -  Gillian Easdale SchoolofDance.  Qigong and the new Divine Balance Dance - Tai Chi With a Twist go to Divine Balance Tai Chi for up to date FB info.


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